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Patricia Wagner is an ordained minister and a woman of God whose journey with God started in 2009. On 30th January 2011 she got baptized and chose a life with God. The first time she heard God speak to her directly she was shocked. She didn’t think she deserved any good thing from God let alone be hear from him because she came to realise how much she had sinned in life against him when she became born again. So the Holy Spirit taught her to start embracing and loving God’s grace and she started working with him to grow into the woman he created her to be. It was so amazing to understand that Jesus had paid the price for her sins, that God loved her and had designed a destiny for her before she was even in her mother’s womb.

Patricia’s passion in life is speaking ‘Freedom & Life’ into every person’s life no matter what their background is. This passion is contributed to society through Lifenews Kingdom Church, the church organization founded by Patricia and through her TV programme ‘Freedom & Life Now | F.A.L.N’ where she shares life-changing messages with her audience and special guests join her to share their own Freedom & Life experiences.

She is also the founder of ‘The Gift Programme’, a charity started in 2014 helping individuals, families and children in greatest need worldwide. Patricia has a heart for people.

Her third passion is business. She plans to go back to her fashion business and her dream would be to happen her store in London Oxford Street, she wants to create a fashion brand that promotes non-toxic and healthy living.

She is married to Jeromy who is a Civil Engineer and together they are blessed with 3 children. In addition to English Patricia is fluent in French and German.

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