God wants us to laugh and celebrate this year.

1) Don’t tolerate the devil. This is a year to take back every ground he has gained in your life!

2) Focus on God. He will speak to people through what he will do in your life.

3) God has protected you and your family from so many evil things so far. He can protect you more, don’t be afraid to climb higher.

4) That voice that says: if you dare break that new ground, then something bad will happen is not God’s voice. God is saying to be courageous and do it!

5) One thing someone else cannot do for you is have the relationship you are supposed to have with God. That personal relationship with God is the channel that facilitates everything God wants to do in your life.

6) Your spiritual enemies will see you rise to glory. That is the main plan God has, keep positioning yourself in line with it.

7) Don’t envy what others have. Pursue what God has for you this year, he wants to give you what is right for you.

I prophesy that you are going to see God’s goodness and his glory in your life this year as you step out in faith!

God bless you,

Patricia Wagner

– Speaking Freedom & Life Into Your Life (John 8:36 & John 10:10) –


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