I would like to say a huge thank you to the amazing Julieanne Riddle for nominating me for a Liebster Award! When I received your message a few days ago, an indescribable joy filled my heart. Julieanne you are an amazing and strong woman of God, you hang on and do not give up. Your influence on the people around you is very positive. That is what I see about you though we have never met. I like your honesty when you write and the divine power behind your messages, they are very encouraging and uplifting. Don’t stop.

The Liebster award is aimed at recognizing new blogging talent.


As part of my nomination, I am required to answer some questions provided to me by Julieanne & create some new questions for fellow bloggers I choose to nominate.

Here are my answers to Julieanne’s questions:

*What are three things found in your kitchen or office “junk drawer” that tell your story?

The small table with two chairs in our kitchen is the first piece of furniture we bought when we moved into our current house together with some air mattresses. I wanted to go to Israel and spend time there to pray, at least 2 months, so we moved out of the house we were renting since the plan was to stay in Israel for that long. The trip ended up not happening and we needed to find a new house to rent fairly quickly. We were staying at a hotel. We then found this beautiful blessed house and the landlord we had never met before agreed to let us move in and pay the deposit for the house later. That was a powerful testimony. Usually to move into a new property the tenant must pay 1 or 2 months deposit upfront plus the first month rent upfront, that is non negotiable. On this occasion God did a miracle for us. The house was empty as we moved in. We had to start purchasing new furniture. It is the first table we sat at to have a meal before buying a dining table a few days later and the first two chairs we used in the house. Our testimonies tell the world: There is a living God who is working behind the scenes right now for us.

*What is one recipe you know by heart?

When it comes to cooking I usually always add my own touch to dishes I cook. I don’t follow any type of strict protocol, I cook the way I believe it will taste great.

One recipe I know by heart still adding my own touch to it is a Cameroonian dish called “DG” which in French stands for “Directeur Général” (General Director in English). When you cook that dish, it is a way to really honor your husband and reward him, that is the idea behind the dish’s name I believe. Who would call a dish like that? Cameroonians have a very good sense of humour and they can for sure make you laugh out loud!

*If you had the chance to relive one moment, with the hopes of changing the outcome, would you do it?

If that possibility was created by God and given to mankind by him, then I might use it. Anything outside God I wouldn’t do. For me to ever use that option it would have to be coming from God and be fully approved by him. He created the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but instructed man not to eat from it. I live a guilt and regret free life thanks to Jesus who sets me free from past mistakes and sins; if the option was given by God, I would have to think about it, which moment and why.

*What organization would you want to donate a life-changing amount of money to?

I would want to donate a life-changing amount of money to a Christian organization with a passion for the hurt that is transforming lives in a powerful way in this generation. Many people have been broken, hurt, traumatised, abused, diminished, devalued, have had a tough upbringing and they need healing, they need to be fixed. They need God more than ever, his touch, love and fixing power in Jesus. Something that is broken needs to be fixed or thrown away, if it is left broken, it stays broken.

*What is a piece of advice you received as a child from a parent/grandparent/mentor that you have already passed on to someone else?

As people of God we forgive (and reconcile and love each other again).

*What celebrity would you like to read and comment on your blog?

Stephen Baldwin. As a matter of fact I would like to have him as a guest on my TV programme too. I would like him to share about his journey with God and the most valuable message he would convey to our worldwide audience.

*What is the meaning of life in ten words or less?

The most powerful thing owned and ever created by God!


Here are 10 random facts about me:

1) From my young age I have had a recurrent patella dislocation only on my left knee. It can just happen anytime anywhere, the good news is it doesn’t happen often. I have been prescribed exercises to do by the doctor as the cure. I believe as I do the exercises and continue to pray, God will heal me from it forever and my patella will never dislocate again. I know he will.

2) I was adopted by my father’s sister when I was 10 years old. She never had children and wanted to adopt some of her brother’s children. So I left my parents and my home and moved to France with her and my three other cousins she adopted at the same time.

3) I went to X Factor UK twice before I decided to surrender to God’s will and let my singing be for him and about him. I didn’t make it to the judges stage as the first two audition stages of the X Factor are with TV producers of the programme. I am still taking singing lessons moving towards God’s singing plans for me.

4) I like exercising and healthy living. I want to be able to exercise every day from the comfort of my home. I am attempting to turn my shed house which has electricity and quite a good size into a fitness room, I am gradually getting gym equipment.

5) I don’t like too much furniture in the house, I like keeping it to a minimum but beautiful.

6) One day I had a patella dislocation at school, I was going down the stairs in the schoolyard, my patella dislocated and I fell. It was break time, so the whole school was outside. I was so embarrassed in that moment that I acted as if I was unconscious. I could hear everyone calling my name while I was lying there on the ground, I kept my eyes closed and opened them after a few minutes making it look like I just came back from very far. I was not a born again Christian and of course knowing Jesus today and having him in my life and I would not do this, I have been changed by him and set free from the past. It is good to confess.

7) I would like to be the lead actress in a Christian movie about my story and testimony or in any other Christian movie promoting Jesus.

8) I lived in France for 7 years of my life but never visited Paris during that time. The first time I went to Paris is after I had left France and was returning just for a short visit, the person happened to live in Paris.

9) When I was in High School which we call Lycée in France, for three consecutive years no one managed to beat me in Spanish. I am sure my Spanish teacher wherever she is remembers that till today. No one could get a higher grade than me for the three consecutive years we spent in High School, I was always the one with the best grade in Spanish.

10) I like the country side, nice small and quiet villages. I can do my work in the city then go back to my village at the end of the day.


Why I am passionate about blogging:

Writing is a skill, gift and passion I have had since my young age. Everyone knew Patricia is very good at writing and she loves it. God uses this gift he has given me to speak his message in this world and touch and transform lives. Writing allows me to speak something into someone’s life God is saying but they weren’t seeing it yet.


I would like to nominate the following fellow bloggers for the Liebster Award:

D. Patrick Collins

Marred In The Master’s Hands

Theresa M. Adams

Becoming His Tapestry


Christian Parenting

Daily PS

Hope For Complete Healing

Here are my questions for them should they choose to accept:

*What unusual challenge have you ever faced and how did you deal with it?

*What is an unforgettable moment in your life?

*If you received 1 Million today what would be the first thing you would do?

*Which country in the world would you like to visit by 2019 and why?

*Where would you go to spend the most beautiful moment of your life?

*Have you ever contributed to changing someone’s life in a positive manner? What did you do?

*If you had a face to face meeting with God, what would you tell him?

*If love was a seasoning which dishes would you add it to?

For more information and official rules on the Liebster Award, please click on this link: The Global Aussie, Liebster Award

Thank you again Julieanne Riddle, you are amazing for giving me this nomination and the opportunity to write so much! May God continue to bless you abundantly in Jesus name, amen.


3 thoughts on “I Was Nominated For The Liebster Award!

  1. “They need God more than ever, his touch, love and fixing power in Jesus. Something that is broken needs to be fixed or thrown away, if it is left broken, it stays broken.”

    The Jesus in your words is powerful and real. No matter what the brokenness or the story behind it, the answer is Jesus Who is able to heal and create new life in anyone. I am grateful for getting to know the person behind the blog in your answers–your heart is so pure and willing to go where God is leading. I claim and agree with you the blessing of your television ministry and whatever God is calling you to do,(I would go to a movie that tells your story) because I know that whatever it is you are doing, people’s lives will be changed, the Kingdom of God will be added to, and He will be glorified. So blessed God allowed our cyberpaths to cross…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amen Julieanne! Thank you for the amazing feedback! Great message from you. Thank you for this confirmation of who Jesus is and what he does for us. And we will see him one day 🙂 I am glad God has connected us and looking forward to everything he has planned to do through that! It is all joy. What you are doing for his kingdom is amazing, such a powerful way to encourage and uplift his people! Blessings to you.


    2. As God ordains our steps he might create the opportunity for me to invite you and even other people from this blog to the TV programme. I will be glad to have you as a guest, let’s see what God does. Father it is in your hands in Jesus name 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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