My dear friend, welcome on board. This fast is about abstaining from doing the thing (s) God has put on your heart for 40 days. Some people are not going to watch TV, some people are shutting down their What’s App, some people are not eating a particular food item as we pray every single day seeking God’s face.

Organize time to pray in the morning and in the evening and make each prayer session at least 45 mins long. It is a time of sacrifice, let’s aim to spend much more time with God than we usually do. Let the Holy Spirit push you, it will not be in vain. If you can spend 1 hour to pray and worship in the morning, 1 hour in the evening or at night that will be awesome.

Time to appropriate God’s Word. 2018 is a Year of Victories! 

Today’s Word:

There is nothing that will change our lives like putting God’s word in it. In fact that is the step that will change our lives.

Let’s look at Matthew 4:4: It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’.

Remember that conquering is not done in one day, it is done step by step and then it happens, the chains get broken. Continue fasting, continue praying, continue worshipping. Once the process is complete, the breakthrough will happen.

We are called to live “by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”: the commands and the blessings.

We cannot decide to follow the commands only and cast out or refuse the blessings. That would be doing our own will and we must do his. We must accept the blessings God wants to give us in his word too as we also submit to his commands. Why?

  • If God doesn’t bless us who will? There is nothing that will change your life like putting God’s word in it. His word includes the commands and the prepared Blessings for us. God establishes the rules by which we shall abide and also the way we shall be blessed. No one else shall be in control of our blessings but God. No one else shall bless us but God. Everything must come from him. If you get your blessing from another place than God, you will be in trouble and you will soon realize the down side of it. “But the LORD is the true God; he is the living God, the eternal King. When he is angry, the earth trembles; the nations cannot endure his wrath” Jeremiah 10:10. Don’t receive blessings that come from another God ever.


  •  We need the blessings. If God’s blessings never enter your life, you will never be delivered and walk into your destiny. Prior to accepting Jesus we live doing ungodly things that affect our lives in a negative way. We need to become blessed when we come back to God. God’s blessings are what will make us become who he created us to be. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back from captivity” Jeremiah 29:11-14.

God forgives us when we genuinely repent. He throws away our sins and he wants to go to the next step, what he has planned for us. The blessings are meant for us to inherit them. They reflect God’s character. He is a God who seeks to bless his people! And indeed at the beginning Adam & Eve were blessed with every blessing in the Garden of Eden including the gift of innocence until they did what had been forbidden by God! They were blessed with every blessing and were perfect, spotless.

At the beginning of my journey with God, I had a tendency to refuse certain blessings he wanted to give me, I felt that they were too big and I didn’t deserve them so I would say no. I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness and so touched that he would want to give me all that despite all the sins I committed in the past. This was mixed with great fear, what if I don’t know how to handle what God is giving me? What if I sin again? What if I stumble?

What happened is that I went through a time where God enabled me to see that the enemy took advantage of the fact that I said no to some of God’s powerful blessings and he was launching attacks in my face. My friend it was running that I went back into God’s arms and started claiming everything he said he wanted to give me ready to receive it! God and I were on the same page now. I learned my lesson at that time. Everything God wants to give us, he is never mistaking, he perfectly knows what he is doing. Whenever God speaks I have developed the habit to say yes, receive it and act. God helped me get there.

Here is one of my powerful recent testimonies: this year (2018) when I heard God say that the time has come to launch the Christian TV programme he revealed to me back in 2013, I was very surprised, pleasantly surprised and interested in how God was going to do it. Having learned from that experience I just shared with you, I immediately received his word and started taking steps in that direction and it is not like I had the money piled up in my bank account either for this project (this ministry has received a few one-off donations but doesn’t receive any regular donations yet, I am sure God will bring that support soon, the church is just 5 months old, many people are still to discover it).

So I started looking for a TV camera crew, asked for quotes around and I approached a Christian TV network to ask how it works if I want to get my programme on TV. And I am pleased to share that we filmed the first ever episode of that TV programme 5 weeks ago! I have added the pictures for you below. Now I am waiting for the team that filmed the programme to finish editing it so we can submit it to different Christian TV channels and see where the programme will get approved. And I will keep relying on God for the rest, filming more episodes, financing it, etc. The way it happened you know it can only be God. If I had refused to receive the blessing and said I am not worthy, I would not have known this year that such a victory can happen in my life and in this ministry!

I personally know people who have gone / are still going through serious hardship because they have unknowingly allowed the enemy to take advantage by refusing what God wanted to give them. They fell they didn’t deserve it, they felt they weren’t ready, they fell they weren’t worth it, they had a list of things that must still happen before they can accept God’s blessings and what he is saying about them. Repentance is essential then comes what God has planned next.

Sometimes the time to wait upon God has passed and we are the ones holding our blessings back. Perhaps God wants to give you a powerful ministry that is going to transform people’s lives but you are the one holding yourself back because you are not ready to be healed from what you have been through  or you don’t want to confront what is stopping you?

I am just going to repeat this one message I have from the Holy Spirit today: ‘Be willing my friend.’ God can heal you and cause you to walk in your destiny. If the time to wait upon God has passed and you know he is waiting for you to step out and say you are ready, then do it. Hear him, trust him. If something is powerful enough to stop you from the destiny God prepared for you then you need a victory. He loves you.

God has said that 2018 is a Year Of Victories. He meant it, he is ready to release some major victories in our lives now. Look if anything is stopping you and declare what God says about that in his word. Let’s live by every word that proceeds from his mouth.

Those who will continue saying what God says in their prayers will win powerful victories! God is going to do it. Let him do what he wants.

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I pray for freedom to come in your life. I pray that God will help you let go and receive the powerful victory he has for you at the end of this fast in the name of Jesus, amen.

Every word that proceeds from his mouth! The blessings must be part of your life too.

Songs to sing to God:

Please do discover those songs if you don’t know them yet, singing them will highly bless your life.



God bless you!

Patricia Wagner

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2 thoughts on “Day 13 | 40 Days Of Prayer & Fasting

  1. When I first read this post I wondered who in the world would not want to receive God’s blessings? And, as I kept going, I was convicted with all the ways I let fear keep me from believing that what God wants to give me is truly mine. How common this is for people to participate in their own “average=ness” and less than abundant life. Thank you for your being so in tune with God’s Spirit and passing on such practical and powerful godly wisdom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Julieanne,

      Amen! I love this from you: “How common this is for people to participate in their own “average=ness” and less than abundant life.” Yes, the more I move forward with God, the more I realize that he actually has for us much more than we can imagine and big things since he is a big God! But different things such as fear can make us talk ourselves out of what is indeed his plan. You know when God asked me to get Lifenews Kingdom Church started by launching the first church service, my first thought was that I needed to loose the pregnancy weight before I can present myself in front of an audience and I also still had that after birth pain. Our third son was just around 4 and a half months old and so I had put much much weight on, that was December 2017 when we had that first church service on New Year’s Eve. Then God reminded me of what I share in this post that he has taught, he additionally made me understand that his timing is always right and I must go. So I decided to love myself as I was and go and work on my weight eventually as I embark on his journey. 7 months later from the date we had that first church service because I chose to embark on the journey, very powerful things like the TV programme are happening just like that, God didn’t need my weight to be perfect before he could put me on TV for his glory, he can still help me loose the weight, the point is that wasn’t an hindrance for God and I had to then think like him and see it the way he sees it. Elijah was just an ordinary man but he is remembered for very powerful things. Very simple things can get us to talk ourselves out of what God wants to start with us. The more I am moving with him, the more he is showing me how great his vision for many of his people is, if we can just drop all our objections and trust him for every single thing and say yes, it will be powerful what we see him do in our lives.


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