My dear friend, welcome on board. This fast is about abstaining from doing the thing (s) God has put on your heart for 40 days. Some people are not going to watch TV, some people are shutting down their What’s App, some people are not eating a particular food item as we pray every single day seeking God’s face.

Organize time to pray in the morning and in the evening and make each prayer session at least 45 mins long. It is a time of sacrifice, let’s aim to spend much more time with God than we usually do. Let the Holy Spirit push you, it will not be in vain. If you can spend 1 hour to pray and worship in the morning, 1 hour in the evening or at night that will be awesome.

Time to appropriate God’s Word. 2018 is a Year of Victories! 

Today’s Word:

There is a spirit of fear the enemy releases that is different from the fear of God which is about reverencing God and seeking to obey him no matter what. Satan’s fear is designed to stop you from everything God has planned for you. It causes you to stay away from the actions God wants you to take.

If you are experiencing that I pray today that God will set you free in the name of Jesus!

We have power and authority over the enemy and what that means for us is that we can disallow everything and anything that comes from him to rule in our lives. So be free my friend in Jesus name.

“You don’t need to fear”, says God.

One fear God is talking about today is the fear of people: we are often so concerned / afraid about what people think of us that it leads us not to do what God wants when he wants it or not to be who he wants us to be. Our actions of faith before God are much more powerful than the people we are concerned about (every minute of our lives God sees us) and they will bring results in our lives and everyone will see God through it which is what he wants. Let’s love everyone but put God’s will first no matter what.

Whether people believe or not in what God is asking you to do, whether they believe or not what God has said about your life is not a problem (love them but focus on God) because God is interested in you and I believing so that he may fulfill his spoken word. God watches over his word to fulfill it!

Jeremiah 1:12 says it: “Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it.”

God says: “Don’t worry about the people, give me all your attention, you believe me and you keep praying.”

God knows your problem, he knows your crisis and he is interested in doing something about it. That is the great thing about him. He is interested in our problems. Such a loving and caring father.

God knows exactly what he is doing. He is ready to perform his word now.

He is ready to do what he says / said.

One more key ingredient: He needs you to agree with him and speak the word back to him and into your life. What if you become who God says you are, will people like you?

Let’s appropriate his word for us until we become that word.

If Satan hasn’t given up, why should you? The victory is guaranteed if we keep fasting and seeking God who is watching ready to perform his word, he is waiting for our prayers and our actions to match what he says so he can fulfill it.

God always predestined us to be people who obey him, live for him alone and wear the name ‘overcomers.’ His love for you is the best thing that is in your life right now.


Lord conquering is not done in one day, it is step by step, day by day then it happens. That is why we are fasting for 40 days. Lord as we open our mouths to pray let our words match what you say so you can fulfill it in our lives, in our ministries, in our churches, in our friend’s lives, in our family members’ lives. I repeat it back to you Lord: ‘The victory is guaranteed.’ Thank you Holy Spirit, we honor you, you are excellent. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

Write about the areas where you need victory and then write what God says about each area then speak it out loud. For instance: I need a financial victory, God says he shall increase me more and more, me and my children, Psalm 115:14. I need victory over fear, God says: “There is no fear in love” and his perfect love drives out every fear from my life 1 John 4:18. Carry on.

Songs to sing to God:

Please do discover those songs if you don’t know them yet, singing them will highly bless your life.



God bless you!

Patricia Wagner

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