Dear Servant of God,


It’s a different type of fast. Keep on reading to find out more.

Last year was ‘The Year of Freedom’ for us in this ministry, that is the word God spoke. The amount of freedom God brought in my life was powerful. I was amazed! He said: what he says is what he is planning to do. That word he delivers is the plan he is about to fulfill. So we just need to position ourselves through the actions he is asking us to take to receive what he says in our lives.

This year he said was going to be ‘A Year of Victories’ and he added: ‘Let God turn your crisis into a victory’. I believed him right away having learned from what I just shared he taught me last year that what he says he is planning to do. And I said ‘Victories’ (plural), Lord? He confirmed: You heard right, ‘Victories’ (plural). I wanted to hear something new, fresh, different from him anyway so I was glad that is what I received. I saw some new and major victories starting to happen in specific areas of my life from January 1st! I didn’t need to force things at all. I just listened to God, positioned myself the way he asked believing him, speaking it and he was doing it.

That was only the beginning, there are more victories waiting, he says. If there is much more than what I have already received then I raise up my hand before the Father, I am interested in more.

It is his good pleasure to give us the kingdom and the promises that are part of it, Luke 12:32, right?

So how are we going to really receive what God has spoken in its fullness? How are we going to dig deeper?

The word God has given us about the year being ‘A Year of Victories’ is a gua-ran-tee. Like the one you received when you bought your TV from Argos or your dishwasher from Currys or your car from the dealer next door. It is a guarantee and we just need to find out how to appropriate it.

Just because you read it or heard it does not make that word become yours automatically even though you understand it and are in agreement with it. For that word to become your possession, for that word to become one with you, for that word to become who you are (John 1:1), you have to appropriate it!

Appropriate means to “Take exclusive possession of”.

And you do that by spending time with that word, praying concerning that word, speaking to God about it.

Have you noticed that the amount of truth you know outweighs the amount of freedom you are experiencing?

If yes, it is because you have done nothing with the truth you received from God. You thought hearing it and joyfully agreeing with it was enough. So you left it there in that place.

You didn’t take the time to root it, ground it in your life and your soul through specific actions, like speaking it out loud into your life time and time again, speaking it back to God, fasting concerning it etc.

My friend if we are going to possess the given promise and see it happen we need to let that given word find residence in our lives through what we do with it!

We are going to spend time with God around that word.

That is exactly what this fast is about. And we need 40 days. At the end your life will not be the same if you do this properly.

At the moment the given word stands alone over there separated from you. Do you want the victories God is talking about? It is time the word becomes one with you, no longer separated from you. It is time the word becomes who you are. That is what God wants to give us. I am amazed, I smiling, I am sure you are too.

God has more for you this year waiting. He is about to bless you with the victories he has prepared for you if you choose to spend that time seeking him during these 40 days.

This is how we shall fast:

Choose one or two things you are going to abstain from during the 40 days.

Ask God to show you and he will.

One of my friends is being led by God to abstain from all her social media pages & What’s App for the 40 days. God has pointed out the influence and hold it has on her. Of course she will use social media just to read the messages we post during the fast and other relevant sermons but she will never go to her pages or login. If your social media pages are for ministry work then it is different.

Another friend of mine is being led by God to take time for Praise & Worship and Bible reading / Meditation upon the word every single day without failing.

Another friend will abstain from eating desserts during the 40 days. She is really a fan of sweet desserts even late at night when everyone is sleeping. God is asking her to give that up for that time.

I personally am being led by God not to watch any movies or series at all during the 40 days. I generally like movies and I have some series I like watching every week, I don’t miss them, it’s my thing. So that is definitely a challenge having to stay away from all that. God wants my mind free, fixed on him and his word, not occupied by anything else so he can move the way he wants in my life on a higher, more powerful level. I will avoid everything else on TV to be honest, if I watch something at all it will just be the news and if the Holy Spirit says no I won’t watch the news either.

What is God speaking to you about? What will be challenging for you? Abstaining from eating specific food items or a particular dish during the 40 days: meat, fish, sweetcorn, pounded yam with okra sauce? Abstaining from listening to a certain type of music? Abstaining from using something that has taken God’s place in your life? Abstaining from doing an activity that has taken God’s place in your life?

Whatever he asks you to choose, trust God. This fast isn’t about abstaining from all food the whole day, it is only about choosing the one or two things God is asking you to abstain from and abstain from those during the 40 days as we pray and go deeper with him.

A word to use for prayer and guidelines will be posted for you everyday here and the same word will also be posted on the church website at
So you will always know what to pray about and how to pray each day.

If you would like to submit a specific request for prayer at any point please contact me here.

God plans to do what he says. Time to appropriate his word my friend!

If you are joining the fast, just reply “I am in” in the comment section below.

Invite other people you know to do this fast and see what God will do.

God bless you!

Patricia Wagner


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