I am sure that you have all heard that our faith does not prevent us from facing challenges but it prevents us from sinking in such times. I think when we face a challenge, we tend to see it as a failure and we want to blame ourselves even when it is not our fault.

Here is the thing: whether what you are facing is a direct consequence of something you did or just a challenge on your way, God wants to help you get out of it. Whether you caused your problem or not, God is willing to help you, remember it is not his will that anyone should perish (2 Peter 3:9). He doesn’t want what is happening to make you perish, he wants to show you his compassion. God can never expect you or I to be perfect without the help of Jesus. And so we say our perfection is in Jesus. God does not expect us to make it in our every day lives on our own without the help of Jesus & the help of the Holy Spirit. He knows that we cannot help ourselves and that is the very reason he gave us Jesus.

If you are tempted to give up, hear the word of God today. He is saying that there is something you have been doing less. You have been having less faith, you have been praying less, you have been fasting less and when it is like that and the breakthrough you are waiting for does not happen, you may think God is not powerful over that situation. The truth is God is powerful over that situation. He wants you to come back to your faith. He wants you to start doing more of what you have been doing less in recent times.
Put what people who want you to loose and give up have told you behind and not before you. What you do in your faith attracts good results, it has great consequences in your life. So why don’t you dig deeper in your faith?
Holy is the name of God in that very area, in that very place where you need a solution, a blessing. Mighty is his name in that area, in that place in Jesus name. Proclaiming this means telling God you acknowledge that he can solve it. He has all it takes to do so. The enemy is lifting up rocks, stones to attack you? Lift up God’s name, let God’s power be unleashed in your life by believing again. God has all the power it takes to bring the breakthrough and the change that is right for you.
Be encouraged, be renewed and apply this message in your life in the name of Jesus.
Patricia Wagner

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